Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Curtain Call Dance Center is proud to offer a unique and tailored approach to a student’s dance education. Our curriculum is designed to follow a student through an entire education from preschool age until they graduate from high school.  Whether they want to hone their skills for a dance career,  a college dance team, or just to have fun dancing with their friends, our goal is to instill and foster a love of art, creativity, and fitness in our students, helping them choose the type of dance they love best.

Dancers will move through our curriculum based on their skill level and readiness. We take it one step further and break these levels down by age, because we believe that a six year old will learn ballet much differently than a 10 year old, even if they have the same amount of experience. From beginner to pre-professional, we offer a wide range of specific classes to accommodate any dancer who wants to train with us.

Young Dancers who are just beginning their education are grouped solely by their age, because they require a unique kind of teaching method and attention. The 3-4 year old and 5-6 year old classes are designed to teach basic fundamentals of dance, self esteem, rhythm and instill a love for creativity and the arts.

Beginning thru Beginning/Elementary Level classes are intended for students with 0-2 years of experience who are older than age 6. This class is required before moving on to Elementary level classes.

Elementary Level classes are intended for students advancing beyond Beginning/Elementary levels. These students typically have 2 years minimum of experience.

Intermediate Prep thru Advanced Level classes are available by teacher recommendation only. They are intended for extremely dedicated students with a mastery of previous skills, who have a maturity and attitude prepared for a lengthier and complex environment.

We welcome anyone who has a passion to learn dance no matter the age or experience level. Potential new students can take a free class, where our instructors will evaluate their skill level and recommend classes accordingly.

Our Approach To Your Child’s Dance Education

Our season typically runs from August to June each year. For specific dates, please see our online calendar.  All of our classes are expertly designed to take all skill levels, ages and individual passions of our students and instructors into consideration.

Registration begins in May and lasts until November 1; however, we encourage you to enroll before the start of classes to make sure your child has a full and enriching year without starting behind other students. Some classes fill quickly and close to additional enrollment.

We also offer shorter, 6-week Discover Dance Classes for new students interested in sampling ballet, tap and jazz prior to making a full-season commitment. Midseason Sessions begin in January.