Where in the WORLD is Miss Michelle?


Where in the WORLD is Miss Michelle? She’s at Epcot, at The Dance Worlds, and is the Category Director for Jazz. What are The Dance Worlds? The United States All Star Federation (USASF) is host to The Cheerleading and Dance World Championship annually. Event producers across the U.S. and in over 40 countries around the world qualify top teams at their premier national championships to compete at The Worlds.

The venue for dance teams is the World Showcase Pavilion located between Cananda and United Kingdom. We have grown so large this year, that a few of the divisions will compete in a second venue at Wide World of Sports! This international event brings together more than 9000 cheer and 3500 dance athletes to vie for world champion titles in senior and international club divisions and categories. The first Cheerleading Worlds was held in 2004 and the first Dance Worlds in 2007. This year there are 21 different countries competing just in dance!

Miss Michelle was selected as a panel judge for the inaugural Dance Worlds. For the past three years she has been the Jazz Category Director and is responsible for working with a team of directors from the other genre of Pom and Hip Hop to develop and evolve scoring systems, judges training seminars and over-seeing the panel at the event. She is also the Curriculum
Director for USASF dance and is part of a team that establishes content and presentations at five regional class meetings across the U.S. every summer. This summer her primary focus in leading seminars will be how to develop and implement a warm up and teaching and correcting jazz technique.

Her most special memories of The Dance Worlds are realizing the true international language of dance and seeing such a vast amount of varied cultures represent their interpretations of Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop. We all share the same passion for our art and by the end of the event it is inevitable to see a fully blended Conga line with dancers mixed in from every country, swapping T-shirts, Disney pins, sometimes even pieces of their costumes! We may not be able to communicate with each other verbally, but the memories shared will last a lifetime and the message comes across loud and clear, “We are all dancers, we love to perform, we are AT WORLDS!!!”

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