Class Tuition and Payment Schedule

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General Information

Monthly Installments
Tuition is paid monthly and is due on the first business day of every month. The first installment and registration fee are due upon registration.

Registration Fee
The annual registration fee is $40, due at registration along with first month’s tuition. Enjoy a Multiple Child Discount! Each additional family member is only $5.

Payment Policies
Payment is accepted by cash, check*, money order, credit/debit card or online. Curtain Call also offers an EasyPay, automatic withdrawal option for payments! Your information will be kept confidential, and we’ll automatically issue the payment on the first business day of every month. We’ll send you your account statement and credit card receipts each month for your records, just contact us to get your Easy Pay account set up.
*There is a returned check fee of $27.50 plus any additional bank charges.

All accounts with a balance after the fifth of each month will be assessed a 10% late fee. Balances 30 days past due will result in your child not being permitted into class. To re-establish enrollment, a credit card will be required on file for automatic monthly debiting. Balances 45 days past due will be referred for collection and your child will be withdrawn from class.

Fall Session Pricing

30 Minute Class $46/month $39/month
45 Minute Class $54/month $47/month
60 Minute Class $72/month $65/month
75 Minute Class $80/month $73/month

Performance Costs

Concert Performance Fee:
$80…$16 is automatically added to monthly tuition for the months of January-May for your convenience.

Costume Deposit:
$40 due November 1

Costume Balance:
$25-$60 (estimate) due February 1

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