June 3, 2021 @ 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm

This is a full and complete SrCo dress rehearsal including all required hair, make up, earrings, undergarments, tights, shoes, everything. Bring your rescue kits of safety pins, bobby pins, barrettes, hair spray, gel, bandaids, personal needs, etc.

You will wear your own (any) mask for dress reh both Thurs and Sat, but will wear your assigned, provided mask at concerts Sun.

Only water is permitted at dress rehearsal but can damaged fabrics like satin, so be very aware of where water bottle is placed and do not bring one that sweats.

SrCo will receive an email including 1-updated costume sheet, 2-a pdf of performance make up and hair requirements, 3-link of how to tie a tie, all of which should be reviewed PRIOR to Thursday night.

4:30 Doors will open for dancers to arrive with belongings and set up in assigned dressing room. DO NOT arrive prior to 4:30. Small racks permitted and ONE bag or basket per person only. *Sibs unlikely together so do not pack together.

5:00 Warm up in Studio A lead by ASt and MB wearing any dancewear or coverup over skin tone cami/ jz pants.

5:15 Change into first costume

5:20-6:00 Learn Luck Be a Lady *entrance, then Run Show 1 in order

6:00-6:45 Run Show 2 in order

6:45-7:00 Pack up, straighten and prep items for Saturday.

7:00-7:30 Studio A – Critique offered regarding make up and hair. *If you have a great way you prepare costumes/ stay organized at concert we welcome you to share during this time. Dismissed. *Select dance(s) might need to remain until 8/8;30 to re-rehearse any problem areas.


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