SrCo 5.26 Reh – DRESS SHOW 1

May 26, 2022 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


*It is unlikely you will rehearse full PC dances in costume on stage at Concert rehearsal June 3. We will use time this week and next to drill costume and/or hair changes for each show. This week is Show 1.

Bring ALL costume pieces, tights, shoes, undergarment, hair, EVERYTHING for Show 1 INCLUDING ALL CLASS COSTUMES/ EVERYTHING and we will run thru entire concert so each dancer can trouble shoot where challenges occur in quick changes.

Dress code: RED WHITE AND BLUE – In observance of Memorial Day as we remember the military who lost their lives fighting for America, black bottoms. *This is only for the dancers who have regular rehearsal time from 5-7:30p. All others should wear skin tone cami under a tank or T for warm ups and setting up costumes, any bottoms. No jewelry except PC earrings.

Superstar – your piece is really coming together. Most of the soloist moments are not believable/ confident. Work on fixing eyes on a place in space and do not look at fellow dancers or over shoulder when singing. OWN YOUR MOMENT!

Schedule here (it’s titled 5.24, but it is for Thurs 5.26): 5.24 Reh

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