Sr Co Rehearsal

Attire: PC dress code
5:00-6:30 Only the following dancers in (A-MA)
AP, EA, MW, EP, PB, CV, EH, MFi, KD, MFr, CG, RMo, LBatt, EW, KB, TG, EV, RMz, JT, CT, DS, EC, MDy, AD

5:45-6:30 (D-MBk) I’m Not Going warm up and run w attn to spacing and partner work

6:30-7:30 in (A): MBd, RA, KR, EG, MDg, SA, AR, JM, ASt, JP, MMo, MC, EMc, CS, GP, LBor, MDy, AD

7:30-8:20 all in (A)

8:20-8:40 Newbies dismissed
Co rocks, you bet!
Run Penrod dances in this order:
Sing3, DoNotPass, CupLife, Malag, NotGoing, WhenLoved
8:40-9:00 (A-MBk) The Rose
(B-MA) Colour World
*Not at Penrod:
Devil, SwingB, Down…River

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