Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal

November 3, 2018 all-day
Studio A
8:30a Act II – Kingdom of Sweets: (SPF, Angels, Cherubs, Act II Intros, Spanish, Chinese, Arabian, French, Russian, Mother G and Bon-bons, SPF, Dew Drop, Bees, Daisies, Lilies) arrive for costume pick up *performance hair and make up ready
  • stand quietly and patiently in line
  • say your last name loudly and clearly to parent volunteer
  • say thank you when receive costumes
  • go to studio B and get dressed, go to studio A as soon as ready so we can begin on time
Dress rehearse Act II – Kingdom of Sweets (Cast 1)
Learn finale (Cast 1, then 2) *Includes: all Kingdom of Sweets cast
Re-run Act II with only the following in this order for Cast 2: SPF/Angels/Cherubs/Clara, Act II Intros, Russian, SPF, Dew/Bees/Daisies/Lilies
*Miss Laurie will work individually w her cast in Studio C off and on during Kingdom of Suites rehearsal
*those not in Cast 2 re-run nor working w Miss Laurie dismissed after learning finale
10:45-11:45 Party Scene both casts
*all those not in Party nor later scenes in costume – please return costumes by hanging nicely, return to suite, say thank you
11:20 Battle / Transformation / Snow arrive to pick up costumes, see above for procedure
11:45-1:00 Dress reh Battle / Transformation / Snow – (Cast 1 then Cast 2)
afterwards, return costumes by hanging nicely on hanger, wait quietly and patiently single file down hallway, say thank you
*Nutcracker and the Four Realms this afternoon!

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