Nut on TOUR!

November 9, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Check emails for more details…

Call:      9:15a

  • Enter parking off 21st Street, just west of Girls School Rd intersection.
  • Enter door 6 (on the south side) *door will not be unlocked until 9a.
  • Immediately check in for attn and retrieve costumes

Attire: Ladies: skin-tone cami leo (worn under EVERY costume), tights, hair, shoes per costume assignment; *MUST arrive hair & make up complete/performance ready.

Warm up: 9:35a with designated student and brief run-through/staging if time

Show: 10:00a – 10:35a Trying to run pieces VERY QUICKLY with little or NO break between bc sticking to a particularly tight time frame. Be ready to GO!  *Might begin 5-8min early!

 *AFTER: all costumes and accessories checked in to dismiss.

PO – adjustments made to this performance order depending on dancers’ availability:

*All pointe work will be done flat

  • Announcement: Brief welcome and intro of Story
  • 3 dolls: Rosemarie/Harlequin & Soldier (need dagger)
  • Clara solo (need Nutcracker doll)
  • Snow: Princess of the Pines, Clara, Snow Queen, Flakes
  • Announcement: Intro of Journey to Kingdom of Sweets
  • Spanish Princess & Chocolates
  • Chinese Princesses & Tea (need parasols)
  • Arabian Princesses, Magic Lamp & Merchants (need lamp)
  • Danish Reed Flutes
  • Russian Princesses & Peppermints (need canes)
  • Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Flowers: Dew Drop, Daisies, Lilies (need arches big/small and bouquets)
  • Coda: Snow Queen, Dew Drop, Clara, Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Bows: run out in line/s
  • Announcement: Brief thank you and reminder of show date Nov 21, 1p and 4p

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