JrCo 9.8 Reh

September 8, 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Attire: dress code Eggplant/ ER black basic – all PC black leggings, black jazz shoes, slick high pony, NO JEWELRY

*Treat this pre-performance reh as ‘dress rehearsal’ – no makeup for reh

*Note: JrCo Parents review Penrod Itinerary w Michelle in Locker Room, 7:15

6:30-7:15 (Studio C-LC)) continue with Around the World and holiday

7:15-7:40 (Studio D-MA) Parents review Penrod itinerary emailed last week

7:15-7:45 (Studio A-LC) *add former 21-22 JrCo 7:30 for Diamond and Beautiful Snd, current JrCo dismissed 7:45

7:45-8:00 (Studio D-MT) 21-22 JrCo as needed

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