Avon Heritage Festival Parade

September 28, 2019 all-day
Curtain Call Business Office

*HERE IS LINK TO CHOREO VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/GAbCdyADX54


8:30a   ARRIVE  Kingsway Christian Church – 7981 E County Road 100 N, Avon, IN 46123
Enter Kingsway for drop off via Dan Jones entrance / OR park at Sycamore Elementary and walk over.
*NO PARKING at Kingsway, only at Syc Elem
Check in – say you are with Curtain Call Dance Center and are in Row 4.
Immed find Staff Buddy at Curtain Call’s holding area for attendance and to begin rehearsing choreography
*Staff Buddy assignments are on attached Parade Formation sheet. All dancers are grouped by rows to an assigned staff.
  • Parade T-shirt
  • Black jazz / dance / stretch / yoga / sweat pants, pref ankle length, not short/capri
  • Supportive sneakers and socks
  • Girls: slick high pony – no whispies, no bows/ hair pieces. Wrap small section of hair around band.
    • Light make up highlighting features to make eyes and lips pop.
    • Performance white stones / stud only earrings ok, no hoops, no colors
*Underneath T shirt: any black undergarment is ok, such as long underwear, T-shirt, work out jacket, sweatshirt
If it’s cold, we recommend layering leo and /or tank under the T shirt.
Coats, gloves, etc can be worn for the hour we are in holding position. All outerwear will be removed prior to step-off and can be put in Curtain Call vehicle to be picked up after we return.
  • While waiting, dancers will warm up, go over the material, have an opportunity to use restroom, escorted in groups.
  • We must remain in our holding area with staff buddy and not allowed to wander around.
  • We will take a group photo prior to step off.
 10a – STEP OFF
  • We are near front of parade line up. LET US HEAR YOU WHEN WE GO BY!
  • As soon as CC passes you on the route, please immed head to Kingsway to meet us as we finish the route.
Parents/ Guardians: Many participants have Nutcracker rehearsal immed following parade, so please hurry to meet your dancer and check him/her out with staff buddy IMMED FOLLOWING OUR RETURN TO KINGSWAY. Our staff needs to depart right away.
 Emergency number: 
Sara Little 314-368-5444
Hold on hips until girls sings Verse 1 (*might add choo choos to intro)
:20 Verse 1 – “Ls”
8cts   L as chasse to RLRL
8cts   walk as 1/2 T – T – 1/2 T – T
2-8s   RPT Ls / Ts
:32 Verse 2 – “Diagonal”
8cts   R diag, R grapevine in profile, clap, then L
8cts   rock, rock, roll R -L
2-8s   RPT diag / rock roll
:44 French – “Eiffel Tower SLOW”
8cts   touch up 1-4, V 5-8
8cts   2nd 1-4, low V 5-8
2-8s   RPT up-V-2nd-lowV
:56 Japanese – “Pray / Bow”
8cts   pray – bow over – pray – bow over
8cts   slice across to L, arc open, slice to L, arc open
2-8s   RPT 2 pray/bow and 2 slie L-arc open
1:10 CHORUS 1 – “Burst”
8cts   burst up/open 123, punch both up 4, rpt 567-8
8cts   pony down to R-L front-d. R-L f
2-8s   RPT burst/punch and ponies
1:22 [8 count break – 2 choo choos R / 2 choo choos L]
1:25 Spanish – “Pull Elbows”
8cts   pull elbows, box down R and L
8cts   pull L elbow, arc L, then R
2-8s  figure 8 swings RLR, LRL, RLRL, LRL
4-8s  RPT (pull elbows, box down / pull elbow, arc / 4 figure 8)
1:50 – 4-8ct break: 2 choo choo R, L, continue…
2:02 CHORUS 2 – “Burst”
8cts   burst up/open 123, punch both up 4, rpt 567-8
8cts   pony down to R-L front-d. R-L f
2-8s   RPT burst/punch and ponies *END V on last count 8, hold 8, hands hips to rest

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