SR CO Rehearsal

September 13, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

SrCo – Thurs Sept 13

Attire: Dress code
SOP: pls bring a large or 1/2 gallon water bottle with small snacks like carrot sticks, banana, apple slices, cheese sticks. Dancers need fuel for long nights.
5:00-5:45 (D) Ring of Fire: EA, PB, LBatt, KD, MFi, MFr, AP,  MW, EP,  CV, EH,  CG, RMo, EW, KB, TG

5:00-6:10 (A) Ring of Fire: MDg, EG, RA, MB, KR, LBOR, GP, CS, EMC, MC, MMo, JP, ASt, JM, AR, SA

5:45-6:15 (D) Ring of Fire: EV, RMz, MDy, AD, JT, CT, DS, EC
6:15-9:00 we will continue to learn new choreo as a group, might breakout into A/B/D as needed
9:00 Dismiss

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