Our Approach To Your Child’s Dance Education


Our nine month class and recital season will run August through May of each year. Our classes are expertly designed to take all skills levels, ages and individual passions of our students and instructors into consideration.
Curtain Call offers students the highest quality dance training allowing young dancers to reach their full potential.

Registration begins in June and lasts until the start of classes in August. Late registration continues through December, however we encourage you to sign up by the start of classes to make sure your child has a full and enriching year without starting behind other students. Students are encouraged to explore all areas of dance and choose the various once per week classes that will interest them most. See a full list of the classes offered here, and view pricing on the tuition page.

We also offer shorter, 7-week Midseason Classes for families that don’t want to make a nine month commitment.

Our Method

Curtain Call is proud to offer a unique and tailored approach to a student’s dance education. Our program is designed to follow a student through an entire education from preschool age until they graduate from high school. It’s our goal to instill and foster a love of art, creativity, dance and fitness in our students, helping them choose the type of dance they love best and hone their skills for a dance career post graduation from our studio.

Dancers will move up a specific ladder of levels based on their experience and skill. We take it one step further and break these levels down by ages, because we believe that a six year old will learn ballet much differently than a 10 year old, even if they have the same amount of experience. Our classes at Curtain Call are not one size fits all, so we offer a wide range of specific classes to accommodate any dancer who wants to learn with us.

-New Dancers who are just beginning their education are grouped solely by their age, because they are typically very young and require a special kind of teaching method and attention. The 3-4 year old and 5-6 year old classes are designed to teach basic fundamentals of dance, self esteem, music and instill a love for creativity and the arts.

-Beginning/Elementary Level classes are available for dancers who need more training before they move on to elementary level classes, or for new students without experience who are older than age 6. These dancers have 0-2 years of experience.

Elementary Level classes are available after advancing out of new dancer or beginning/elementary levels. These students typically have 3 or more years of experience.

-Intermediate Level classes follow elementary, and students may only begin these upper level classes with a teacher’s recommendation. Students will further hone their interests and skills in various dance genres.

-Advanced Prep classes prepare students who have narrowed their focus to a particular style or genre of dance, and want to continue on to the complex and highly advanced classes. These classes are available by teacher recommendation only.

-Advanced Classes are our highest level of education offered, and are designed for extremely experienced and dedicated students to perfect their skills in a certain area of dance.

Of course, we welcome anyone who has a passion to learn dance no matter the age or experience level. In certain situations, we will ask a potential new student to visit our studio and take a free class, where our instructors will evaluate their skill level and recommend classes accordingly.

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