8 Must Haves in Your Dance Bag- Survive Your First Month Back!


Dancers and Families,

Congratulations on completing your first full week back at dance classes! We are thrilled to have so many talented dancers and smiling faces back in the building and filling our studios with energy and enthusiasm. Between Nutcracker costume fittings and first rehearsals, PC Rehearsals, parent meetings and dancers here for their very first class it has been a whirlwind week. With over 185 students registered, it is sure to be a busy and rewarding year. We are so happy that you are part of it!

On behalf of all the teachers and staff at Curtain Call Dance Center, we welcome you back with open arms and hearts. We encourage you to make a new friend, take a chance and try a new dance style and work hard this year. Remember…

“The journey between who you once were, and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place.” Barbara De Angelis

I will be posting throughout the year with some helpful hints, tricks of the trade, and informative articles to supplement your dance practice. Stay tuned in a few weeks for my next post! But first continue reading on for how to make this first month back to dance class the best one yet!

With love and pointed toes,

Miss Sara


8 Must Haves in Your Dance Bag- Survive Your First Month Back!

What’s in your dance bag may be the key to your dance success.

How many of these items do you already carry with you?


  1. Water Bottle

Whether they are being used for hydration or as a prop in your abdominal exercises (You are very welcome Adv. Ballet!) water is the #1 most important thing to carry with you. Don’t leave it in the dressing room, or forget it at home or in the car. CC Teachers give ample water breaks throughout class and you need yours present to take a quick sip and still remained present and focused for the lesson at hand. The harder you dance, the more sweat you produce and you need to replenish your body with plenty of fluids. Pack several water bottles with you, or invest in a larger jug or Nalgene bottle that can keep your water cold all day long.


  1. TheraBand

The TheraBand is my favorite teaching tool. I use it frequently in both my pointe and ballet classes and highly suggest every dancer have their own personal one in their dance bags. They can be purchased at Kinney Dancewear, many sporting stores, and online (I suggest amazon.com). TheraBands are crucial for resistance based stretching which can supplement your dance training by toning specific muscle groups. I love TheraBands because you can do your exercises almost anywhere- on breaks in the dressing room, at home, while watching TV or reading a book. Most exercises have small amount of repetition, and when completed 3-4 times a week dancers will see an immense improvement in their strength and flexibility.

My Favorite go to exercise- “ABC’s”

This exercise is great for improving ankles strength and one that I recommend be done as often as possible for dancers working towards pointe placement. Place your foot in your TheraBand long ways, so that your toes are covered. Place both ends of the band in your hands and gently pull tight. Begin by spelling out each letter of the alphabet with your toes. Be sure to work from the ankle joints only, and not move from the rotators in your hips. Repeat on the left side. For variety- spell out words on our spelling test at school this week or your vocabulary words from Spanish class.


  1. Your go to touch ups: Hairspray and Bobby pins

A must have for all dancers. Nothing is worse than starting class with a tight pony tail or ballet bun, only to have it fall out mid pique turn combination. It’s distracting and can really pull your focus. Be sure to have on hand extra bobby pins, hairspray, gel, hair rubber bands and a brush in your dance bag for quick fixes in between classes.


  1. Snacks

Long dance days require extra fuel for your body! In addition to your water bottle, your dance bag should contain easy on the go snacks for between classes, rehearsals or any long breaks you may have throughout the night. I highly suggest:

Almonds, cashews or any trail mix with dried fruit

Peanut butter and banana

Hummus and pretzels

Power bar or granola bar

Yogurt or string cheese

Fruit and veggies


  1. Notebook and Pen

Keep track of your corrections and choreography by keeping them organized and on hand at all times in a notebook in your dance bag. When I was a student it was one of the first things I did after class, and now as an adult I always have my notebook with me for formation and choreography ideas. Did you like a piece a music the teacher has played? Ask for the title, write it down and use it to practice at home.


  1. All of your dance shoes

Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop etc! I do not recommend only bringing the shoes you will need for the classes you are scheduled for that evening. You never know if you will need them, and it is always better to be prepared


  1. Pain relief for sore muscles

Advil, tennis ball for rolling out muscle knots, tiger balm, band aids ect. There are so many great pain relievers out there these days, including all natural products using essential oils such as the Deep Relief Roll On by Young Living Oils. Every dancer should carry with them their favorite pain relieving products so nothing can hold them back during class.

  1. Beat the summer sweat– deodorant, body wipes, extra tights and dancewear

Bonus tip- Don’t forget to throw your ballet shoes in the washing machine every 1-2 weeks. Wash cold, delicate cycle and let line dry over the weekend.


Keep rocking and be sure to get those dance bags stocked!

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