Noteworthy News About The Nutcracker


By Michelle Allison

Artistic Director/Instructor

Curtain Call Studio for Performing Arts

Curtain Call classes have been movin’ and shakin’ for eight weeks, and after our most recent” Show Week,” all of us teachers are really in the groove with our classes…but do you know what’s happening behind the scenes?

Every Saturday ensemble groupings of 80 dancers and parents arrive as early as 8:00am to learn choreography for our upcoming production of The Nutcracker.  All four of our studios are simultaneously buzzing with action.  Music is playing, dancers are dancing and props are being carried in and out during the course of the morning.  It is not unusual to see dancers continually checking the schedule board because there is something brand new being learned every hour and with strict time frames, everyone need to be in the right room at the right time!

With Casting Auditions in August, we have only three short months to put together what has become a memorable holiday tradition for our CC families.  Directing the production is never-ending process, according to Michelle Allison, “The choreographers constantly throw out new ideas throughout the dance season, and even during the summer I am already planning the details of each scene.”

This year four CC faculty will choreograph the show:  Michelle, Laurie Copeland, Sara Little and Katie (DeWitte) Riley.  We have only rehearsed four short weeks; but nearly every scene has already been taught, and by the end of October we will begin running the show scene-by-scene!  The dedication of the participants is significant, as many of them are required to remain at rehearsals until as late as 1:30 and 2:00pm.  We see how much they love it on their faces, when a new step is accomplished or a challenging skill is achieved.  Last week, Soldier Keira M. joyfully burst out right in the middle of practicing, “THIS is the best part of Saturdays!”

The Nutcracker will presented at 2:00pm and 6:00pm on Saturday, December 13, at Ben Davis High School.  Share this timeless tradition with your family and look for your dance friends in the cast.  Also noteworthy are the dance parents involved in the show.  You’ll see them dancing in the Act I party scene, as Godfather Drosselmeier, and as a surprise in The Kingdom of Sweets in Act II.  Many thanks to our dancing and non-dancing parents and relatives who volunteer to help make our show complete.

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