Discover Dance Midseason Classes

 midseason session 2019

Discover Dance

This 6 week session is ideal for students who are new to dance and want to learn the fundamentals.

Students ages 3+ are invited to join us for a beginner’s course in Ballet, Tap and Jazz (2 weeks each style)

These classes are non-performance, so there’s no pressure – just come to learn and have a great time.


February 7th through March 14th, 2019

Discover Dance
ages 3-4 Thursdays, 5:30-6pm,  6-thirty minute classes, $70

Discover Dance
ages 5-6, Thursdays, 6-6:45pm, 6-forty five minute classes, $80

Discover Dance
ages 7+, Thursdays,6:45-7:30pm, 6-forty five minute classes, $80

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