About Us

Welcome to Curtain Call DANCE CENTER!


Curtain Call is the area’s ONLY studio dedicated to putting the creative & performing ARTS at the center of community life.

Curtain Call is committed to age-appropriate and family friendly music, costumes and choreography. We believe in supporting family values and life skills through dance study, and we expect our dancers to conduct themselves with honor and respect both inside and outside of Curtain Call, as a representative of their parents and teachers. We recognize that children and teens need not be exposed to inappropriate behavior and movement just to win trophies.We operate on a true

performance based, non-competition environment, replacing the trophy emphasis with “dance as art.”

The “trophy” for us is a happy, well-adjusted child that has discipline, manners and compassion.

Our 13,000 square foot, state of the art facility was built with both student and parent convenience in mind: two viewing windows in each classroom, specialty “raised” dance floors to prevent joint & back injury to young dancers, age-appropriate music, costumes & choreography, a helpfully organized business office specializing in customer service, and a parent lounge with free WiFi and a snack bar. View pictures of our studio here.



Our Mission

Curtain Call Dance Center was founded in 1992, with the vision of providing professional, comprehensive dance education to students of all ages. The studio’s mission extends to enriching the lives of its students and the community through study and performance of the arts, collaboration with other members of the performing arts community, and reinforcement of healthy family values. Our ultimate desire is to inspire dancers in their quest for personal and creative fulfillment.

We take seriously the task of working with children. Dance training is life training! It promotes confidence, posture, etiquette, classroom manners, integrity, self-discipline, self-worth, and an appreciation for the arts. Just as a skill like “reading readiness” provides a foundation for a lifetime love of literature, young children who are exposed to “arts readiness” will be prepared for a lifetime of enjoyment and fulfillment from the arts.

We accept with love the responsibility of giving each dancer the highest quality of dance education.



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Curtain Call Dance Center is a place with an amazing staff who take the time to get to know everything about the dancers.  They work with them to help them become a better dancer and person. We love CC because of the education my three kids have received thus far. I’ve even learned a lot about each of their different types of dance.   They have become a second family to us.  I would highly recommend Curtain Call Dance Center.
Mindy W.

“Curtain Call has been such a special part of my child’s life. The teachers have encouraged her to be a confident young woman while bringing out her creativity, imagination, grace and poise. My daughter’s dance experiences at Curtain Call will always hold wonderful memories for our entire family.”
Kim W.

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